Where are the best online practice questions for the NREMT EMT-B test? (free or otherwise)

Please don't just list sites. Tell me about sites you've used and how helpful they were.
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Posted on Jan. 26th, 2009

I took my NREMT-B last month and used Prentice Hall's EMT Achieve tests for practice and passed. I recommend EMT Achieve because it simulates the questions on the actual test and it provides explanations for each individual question, whether you got it right or wrong. Even though I felt like the questions on the actual test were a tad more difficult than EMT Achieve's, I still feel that it best prepped me for the NREMT-B exam.

EMT Achieve: http://myphlip.pearsoncmg.com/alttestprep/emtbasicbridgepage.html

Note: I only have experience with the EMT-B practice tests, not the paramedic or first responder ones.

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