how can you tell if your dog is depressed... vs just being tired/lazy

My dog is going to be 11... and all he does is sleep!
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Posted on Aug. 25th, 2008

There's no easy answer to this. You know your own dog better than anyone, and if his behavior has changed suddenly or drastically it might be a good idea to take him to the vet. At his age, a senior blood panel is a good idea anyway -- it will give you an idea if there are any health issues to look out for.

That said, depending on how big your dog is, it's not that unusual for him to be sleeping most of the time at his age. I expect when I get old I'll sleep a lot more too!

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Posted on Aug. 26th, 2008

I second jamara's answer. He's old! Let him sleep!

Age is probably the biggest contributor to increased napping.

Dogs are usually less active when it's hot outside. And it's summer. Where do you live? Is he an indoor/outdoor dog? Is he a full on fur ball or shorthaired/bald?

If your dog is depressed, there are herbal medications that petsmart and other pet stores sell that you can try. if there is no change, he's probably just tired.

how does he act in a park? is he happier? playful? if he just sits there and that's not usually how he used to be... he may be depressed. but if he's normal and happy -but just getting winded earlier... then he's probably just tired.

Dogs usually aren't lazy. ... And dogs that are loved are usually not depressed. Unless you have another dog or family member that he was close to that died or left/moved out, etc.

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