What is the difference between Quakers and Mennonites?

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Posted on Sep. 26th, 2008

Both Mennonites (or Anabaptists) and Quakers (Friends Society) are peace faiths born out of a movement of groups who objected to basic tenets of the Church of England. While both are borne of a Christian history, not all Quakers now are Christian (I am such--a non-Christian Quaker). Mennonites do share some fellowship spirit with the Amish and Quakers, but I would say they fall on a continuum between the Amish and Quakers. Part of the original Mennonite revolution was in their belief that baptism had to be an adult decision and act. We Quakers do not have any traditional sacraments or services.

All of these groups experience some degree of evolution. This is very true of Quakers, who do not separate from the earthly world. I have known Mennonites who are also by appearance hard to recognize as such.


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