How can you change the VIN number of a car?

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Posted on May. 15th, 2008

Short answer: You can't, and you shouldn't.

Long answer: Removal or alteration of a VIN number is extremely illegal. It's also extremely difficult. Your VIN number is printed or etched in multiple locations throughout the vehicle. Most vehicles have three or four such locations, with one of them usually being in a deeply hidden location that is - theoretically - known only to the manufacturer and law enforcement agencies.

Additionally, some of these VIN locations may be on sensitive or easily damaged parts of the vehicle. These are the most common places:
Firewall of the vehicle
Radiator Support Bracket
Dash by windshield
Left hand inner wheel arch
Steering column
Guarantee & Maintenance Book
Machined Pad on front of engine
Drivers door or post on passenger side

Additional locations include the interior frame, gas tank, etc. These are often under the body work or deep up inside the undercarrage. They are intended be used for forensic identification rather than on immediate inspection. So, they are difficult to find unless you know exactly where they are.

If you know where all your VIN locations are, you can theoretically remove them all. This would be difficult, for aformentioned reasons, but it is possible. To CHANGE the VIN, however, would require the identical parts from a similar vehicle. This doesn't change your VIN so much as take someone elses. And since the new parts would most likely have to come from a stolen vehicle (No garage or scrap yard will sell all of the necessary parts, such as the dash-plate), it wouldn't help you much.

Additionally, the VIN itself cannot be altered in-place. Not only would such an alteration be extremely difficult even for an expert forger, it would be easily found. If you were to, for example, turn a 6 into an 8, the check digit would not longer be correct. This would be caught instantly, were the VIN to be entered into a computer system.

So, all in all, it boils down to the short answer: you can't. Even if you can, it's extremely illegal, difficult, easy to catch, and won't get you much.

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Posted on May. 15th, 2008

To change the VIN number is very illegal. Every car made is given a Vehicle Identification Number to be able to track where the car goes and what happens to the car. Carfax uses this VIN to track what maintenance is done to the car, what accidents the car has been in and where the car has been sold to.

The VIN is almost like the registration number of a gun. When you buy a gun or a car, the VIN or registration number is then put into a database and your name is next to it. Should something happen to your car or gun, then the police or DMV can go, check the VIN or registration number and see who the car belongs to.

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Posted on May. 20th, 2008

It is impossible to change the VIN number of a car.

There are secret locations in a car that has your VIN number, and if you change it you would easily get caught. Most cars have a digital stamp of the VIN number now as well, so if you change it most mechanics would find out.

Not only that, but it is 100% illegal.

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Posted on May. 16th, 2008

you cant. its illegal and i think it would be hard to do

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