Experts & Knowledge Discovery
Our R&D involved over 10,000 university students and academics to develop the Whoknows engine. See how it sorts knowledge and ranks users
How This R&D Works
Just like each person has unique DNA, we each have unique IKU (Interdisciplinary Knowledge Units). akatoo's IKU scores allow you to visualize that knowledge and quickly see how experts in a community compare to each other. As you ask, answer, and rate, akatoo's sophisticated algorithms constantly update your IKU - and everyone else's. So you always know your score.
Whoknows Inc.
akatoo is fully owned and operated by Whoknows Inc. After several years of R&D, akatoo continues to enhance its proprietary algorithm having the highest accuracy rate in the industry. Whoknows is an Automatic Expertise Discovery and Expertise Centric Collaboration platform. Whoknows, is available for free trial as an enterprise product deployable in less than an hour in any user base community. Visit us at whoknows.com  to find out more.
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